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Why I love my new windows

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Why I love my new windows

Replacing your windows is a significant investment and it’s a job that most home owners will probably do only a handful of times. While new kitchens and bathrooms might feel like a more exciting and glitzy home improvement job, the value new windows bring to a home both in terms of aesthetic and thermal improvement shouldn’t be underestimated. Twelve months ago, Mrs Hill had a full house of Heritage windows and two years ago Mrs Cavendish opted for modern anthracite grey doors and windows on her large family home. We chatted to both home owners to find out the difference the doors and windows have made to their homes.

Mrs Hill comments:

“the kerb appeal of our property has significantly improved.  We live on a really pretty little pretty cul-de-sac, all the houses are unique ranging from dorma bungalows right through to the Manor House which presents the focal point at the end of the road.  Our house is one of the larger properties, architecturally it’s very pretty, but the windows were an absolute let down.  Our neighbours would jokingly comment that our house “let the street down”.  We turned to the Ultimate Collection Installer Network because we wanted something unique.  We didn’t want wooden windows again, the upkeep was time consuming and with two young daughters and a husband that works odd shifts, window maintenance never made it onto the to-do list.  So we wanted windows that were in keeping with the period nature of our home but used modern materials.  We opted for the Heritage range from the Ultimate Collection, we also chose cream which further accentuates the style and shape of the windows. The installation was seamless and our neighbours watched with envy as our gorgeous new windows lifted the entire property.  Another neighbour further down had opted for timber-alternative windows and was surprised to learn that ours look superior and cost a fraction of theirs.  It was a job we put off for for a very long time, but in reality it has spurred us onto other jobs, like changing the front door, and landscaping the front garden.  Our home is now easily the prettiest on the street.”

Mrs Cavendish opted for anthracite grey Ultimate Collection windows throughout her home, coupled with a range of new openings including a bi-fold door and sliding patio door.

Mrs Cavendish explains:

“we love our windows, they have really harnessed our ‘marmite’ house. Previously the white windows just looked bland and mismatched against our white façade, it was always the house with potential!  Now our home absolutely sings!  There’s no question two years on we’d choose the same style from the Ultimate Collection but it’s the doors that have made the biggest difference to the way we live.

We used to have a really clunky patio door from the lounge into the garden, on paper, it’s a perfect space.  It’s a second lounge so it’s ideal for the kids to nip into the garden – but that never happened because the previous door would stick and jam so the kids would traipse through the kitchen with pushchairs, scooters and so on.  It was the surveyor that suggested a bi-fold.  We imagined it would be super-expensive but was very pleasantly surprised.  We recently had our house valued and all three estate agents commented on the gorgeous windows and doors, all agreed that it was a huge selling point when we come to market the property.  Every new home we look at now, I’m trying to find that opportunity to put another bi-fold in, it’s changed the way we use our garden, it truly has.  We’re no longer put off by properties that need new windows and no question, we’d turn to the Ultimate Collection again.”