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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Wide-span openings are very on trend. Blending the garden into the home is common place amongst home improvers looking for a seamless transition between the indoors and out.  In this instance bi-fold doors or sliding doors are a great option.  Bi-fold doors are perfect if you want to completely eliminate any sense of glazing between outside and in.  But be sure you want that look.  You can design in a ‘slave’ door that gives you the ability to exit your property without the need for operating the entire bi-fold.  If a bi-fold is right for your project, then really think about the way the bi-fold operates and where the bank of doors will sit – left or right.  Consider your eyeline from your property and how the bi-fold will impact that view.  Small opening also lend themselves to bi-fold doors, it doesn’t need to be an ocean to make good use of a bi-fold door, often a small opening, can be made to feel much bigger if you completely eliminate any frames associated with other styles of glazing.

Similarly, sliding patio doors are also a really versatile way to add interest to your glazing, particularly if you’ve got the opportunity to create a wide opening.  In some ways sliding patio doors are even more flexible than a bi-fold.  By sliding one door entirely back you can still create a light, ‘indoor/outdoor’ space but unlike a bi-fold, sliding doors allow you to still retain some separation between your spaces – perfect for those cool, summer evenings where you want to enjoy the garden but without feeling completely exposed.

Traditionally, French doors, with two outward or inward opening doors were the first choice for doors at the rear of a property.  Mostly used in double-width openings, French doors often benefit from glazed panels at the side, a great way to flood your home with light.  One of the considerations when choosing French doors, particularly if they are in high traffic areas, is how to secure your doors to eliminate them from slamming shut.  Cabin hooks are often used allowing you to fix your doors open, but in some circumstances, a sliding patio door might just fit the bill.